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GET OUT THERE by star-poke GET OUT THERE by star-poke
Thought I could go for a bit of a "make one image and use it for everything" tactic
And I'm using it in the comic avatar, the comic banner for the forum, and the comic advert when it goes up sometime this week. I am overdoing it, I'm good at that.
Thanks for the help, Kitsune [link] (god I love this track)

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
theBATCLAM Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I think for a banner image it's too tall, most banners are very wide in length and short in height.

As far as the actual image goes I like the concept, but I do have a few suggestions. The bright red font against those blues kind of hurts on the eyes, I would suggest giving them a nice black outline and seeing if that helps. I don't really know how to suggest fixing the font, I just know it hurts my eyes. The font style is very nicely done though, I like it.

Secondly the bottom character seems kind of.. sinister? I don't really know why, I think maybe his eyebrow is darted down a little too far... I assume you were going for sort of a look of confidence but something about it gives me a different vibe. Unless I'm mistaken in which ignore me.

Lastly something feels very weird about how the top character is posed, I think it's her leg that is doing it. Her leg feels very flat and miss-posed for the way her body is moving. I think you might have to get like.. one of those mini pose mannequins to see how it would look or try ad get a friend to pose for you maybe by like laying on a bed or something.
star-poke Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011  Student
Yeah I had a bit of trouble with this one
I drew out the letters myself, lacking any sort of decent image manipulator at the time. Now it's just elements does not want to work for me.
I've always had trouble with Robert's expressions, but I figured I'd get better at it as time when on. He's kind of withdrawn compared to Nay, so I went for quite a generic pose, I'll have to work on that.
The way I flung Nay around, was supposed to have both legs showing but hair got in the way. I'll try it with the hair overlapping the leg later and see if that's any better

Thanks again for the feedback!
MeleeSonic32X Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice, If theres anything i'ld critique- its that the below area could be a bit darker to fit with the shadows theme.
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